About Us


Hi my name is Anastasia Clark founder and CEO of Arms of Grace Shop.

If you'd asked me less than a year ago that I was going to be setting up a shop, making veils from scratch, designing beautiful unique products, I would have told you you're absolutely crazy! But in fact that's exactly what happened and I'm so overjoyed and happy that I did.

Ultimately I have to give credit to Almighty God. Let me explain why. 

When this idea first popped into my head I was in Mass contemplating the beauty of the Tabernacle and the symbolism of what it means and why the veil is covering the Tabernacle. 

When we think of those things which are most sacred, we find that they are veiled in mystery. The sacred vessels are kept under a veil.  The Tabernacle is veiled; The Ark of the Covenant was veiled. Out of respect for the dead, we cover their faces.  At life's beginning we are hidden in our mother's womb. Our lady, that blessed vessel by which our Lord was made flesh and dwelt among us, is seen with a veil. God created woman to fulfill the sacred mystery of bringing new life into the world. Thus, we should consider it a privilege to be veiled in the sanctuary. 

I remember having the hardest time choosing a name for my shop so I finally decided to put it in God's loving capable hands.

After benediction was done,  I remember telling God to choose a name for my shop and to guide me. I remember picking up the song book and immediately opened it up to any song and started singing, "Creator Alme Siderum."  When I was done I looked at it.  One sentence stood out to me. It didn't matter how many times I opened it and looked at it, it would come right back to that same song and my eyes would immediately focus on the same sentence. " Armis Supernae Gratiae." Arms of Grace" Immediately I knew that was the name God wanted me to use.

The beauty & symbolism of this phrase brought me to tears. 

Today more than ever with all the evils and lies that are around us we must flee to the cross and remain in the arms of Grace!

That is why my logo is in the form of a cross. It symbolizes that God opens his arms of love and forgiveness to all of us and to learn from the cross that Christ gave his life up for us to atone for our sins and to reopen the Gates of Heaven, so that one day we would be United with him in Eternal heaven.

It is my wish to provide beautiful unique religious products to those who will love to honor God in the most beautiful form. I hope and pray that these items help keep you in the arms of grace.


Know that every time I create a product , package and ship it, I offer these actions of self-giving to gain every possible grace for the salvation of not just my soul but yours and the entire world. 

Thank you so much for coming to my shop!


In the Heart of Jesus & Mary,

Anastasia Clark